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After a video of Tory Lanez and Travis Scott getting in eachother's faces surfaced this week, Lanez has decided to speak out and make it known that there's no beef.

The footage, which surfaced on Tuesday (March 13) shows the two rappers on what appears to be the tour bus in a heated argument. It's hard to make out the words, but Tory can be heard saying "So, what you wanna do bro? Are we apologizing or you wanna shoot the fade, my nigga? Literally every person can get out of here and we can shoot the fade,

my nigga." Now the 'Memories Don't Die' artist has taken to Twitter to denounce any rumors of bad blood. "Me and @trvisXX been got passed this irrelevant ass argument a year and a half ago .. that's my dawg," he wrote. Travis Scott has yet to comment on the video. However, this is the second public mention

Tory Lanez is making about the argument, after he rapped about it on "Hate to Say," a track off his album which was released last week. "Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna/We both agreed shortly after that it was music," he raps. Given that both Tory Lanez and Travis Scott were on the lineup during the Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio,

Texas in October 2016, it's reasonable to believe the altercation might have taken place then. Good to hear that Tory Lanez and Travis Scott have buried the hatchet. Maybe we'll even get a collaboration out of them soon.


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