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Brace Yourself: Amber Rose's Ass Just Might Be Made of Lies Read more: Follow us: @fishwrapped on Twitter

We definitely appreciate Amber Rose and all she does, but we'd be lying if we said that her ass isn't the thing about her that we remember the most. It's just so big and round and glorious, and it would be wrong of us to deny it of all the admiration it deserves. But there are some new photos of Amber from just yesterday, and we hate to say it, but it sincerely looks like she might be using a little extra help to make her ass so ass-tastic. Butt pads, y'all. The betrayal is real. Check out these photos, and pay special attention to the ones where she's turned to the side. That little line that runs along the curve of her backside?


That's not the seam of her pants, and we're not familiar with any underwear that would make that particular line. And in one of the photos, you can see that the line curves in at the top, almost like it's something that's shaped exactly like an ass cheek. Don't get too heartbroken, OK? It's a tough pill to swallow for sure, but we'll get through this. And hey, we'll always have the Kardashians.


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